Dr. Shane Russell-Jenkins

Shane B. Russell-Jenkins, MD

Dr. Shane Russell-Jenkins has practiced medicine for a number of years, stemming from a childhood desire to help others through being a doctor. Since 2011, he has served as the medical director of the Windhaven Psychiatric Hospital. Prior to this position, he gained experience as a staff physician of the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. While medicine has been his lifelong passion, Dr. Russell-Jenkins has also explored other interests in his career and is certified in nuclear physics, nuclear controls, electronics, chemistry and nuclear reactor power operations and control.

Dr. Russell-Jenkins attributes his success to his prior service in U.S. Navy. He is also interested, challenged and entertained consistently by the field. During this time, he learned a vast amount of skills and regiments that would later benefit his career in medicine and science. He originally earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Mexico and then went on to earn an MD from the institution. He completed a residency at the Sacred Heart Hospital in 2004. That same year, Dr. Russell-Jenkins also completed a residency in psychiatry at Spokane Advanced Clinician Track. Furthermore, he has held certifications in nuclear reactor operations and controls.

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